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¿Where does the famous Papel Picado come from?

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I'm sure you have seen pictures or taken a selfie on the most famous street here in Sayulita... Yep, the one with all those colorful garlands hanging. 😜❤️

But have you ever wonder where does papel picado come from?

Here it goes a little piece of history that you'll love...

These garlands come from an ancient Mexican tradition from the 1800's but originally started in China, here Mexican craft men started to adopt the labor when they were asked to provide chinese products and paper for the Haciendas they used to work in and started to making it their own, the process is intense and handmade still to this day!

 The state of Puebla is known for having the best creators of this paper and plastic garlands in the country. A variety of colors and designs can be found specially during special occasions such as Día de Muertos, weddings, baptisms and local parties.

Here in Sayulita we have our garland decoration all year long, apparently we are on a permanent celebration mood..😎 And this year was a little more special because Lea, one of the founders and designer of our brand was asked to collaborate and refresh our Main Street with cooler designs, I mean amazing right? Have you taken your picture yet?



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