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Cool things you can do while visiting Mexico City with Kids

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When we think about México City; Millions of people, Traffic and even Pollution immediately would come to your mind, but it's pretty amazing to see  the variety of awesome places to visit, food to eat and things to do...

But what happen when you have 2 extra companions 👩‍👧‍👧 that are the biggest judges and demanding of having fun? Are you feeling me?

Don't worry in this post we've got you covered.

1. Teotithuacan Pyramids.

You must get up early for this one to really enjoy the view, also bring lots of water with you because you will find only at the entrance places to buy refreshments. The museum is an extra, besides the view, it is unexpectedly interesting for adults and for the kids too!

The best part of Teotihuacán could be the Hot Air Balloon you can schedule it through the Expedia site here: https://www.expedia.com/things-to-do/es/vuelo-en-globo-aerostatico-sobre-teotihuacan-y-tour-por-las-ruinas.a437145.detalles-actividades

2. Xochimilco Lake:

The funny part of visiting is crossing with people selling all kinds of candies and food on other little boats. We  also recommend to visit the lake on the weekends where most of the Mexican families go too, and if you're lucky enough you might be invited to join a celebration of another boat, 😜 usually birthdays or even weddings! 

3. Frida Khalo Museum and Walking around through Coyoacán.

Of course Frida Khalo Museum should be on this list!  The museum is a beautiful house where she painted most of her life full of history and located in a very colorful area named Coyoacán where you can be surrounded of colors, music and great places to eat.

4. KIDZANIA & Ice Skating on Santa Fe Mall.

Kidzania is a great place for kids to know what "adulting" feels like. You will find it only here in Mexico. And the same Mall has an Ice Rink where you will have lots of fun and even learn to do it, with the help of little "trainer "seals that will give you the confidence to try it! 😅

5. Chapultepec, Botanic Garden and the Zoo while you arrive on Scooter!+

Chapultepec is a big park on the center of the city where you will find lots of nature for the kids to play, a botanic garden, the Zoo ( free entry )  and even the castle where it is now a museum. Another option is to have a picnic in the park where you can actually do lots of cool outdoor activities such as a zipline and even climb a Boat  made from wood where the kids can learn to row!

Where to Eat?

Pick one of this list and thank me later! 😉

1. PARCELA: Beautiful place for the adults and also with an special area for the kids so everyone will be happy in here.

2. MERCADO ROMA: Public market with excellent choices of food.

3. LARDO, in Condesa

4. HUSET in Condesa too.

5. FOURNIER ROUSSEAU Bakery: Delicious Chocolate bread!


7. CAFE INN: Beautiful place for breakfast & lunch. 

8. TAQUERÍA ORINOCCO: Real tacos in a cool environment.


 Where to Stay: 

If you are traveling with kids, I would say the best idea is to rent an Airbnb so you can have a place to cook and to have your own room to rest at night.

The best areas to rent and nearby downtown could be : La Condesa, La Roma, Colonia Juarez or if you like a more elegant one Polanco.

Carlota Hotel and Downtown Hotel Mexico can be another option if you're not planning to doing the cooking on the trip!

Let us know how your trip went and don't forget to take pictures all along.📸😀






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