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A brief Story about Mexican Posadas

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Christmas is around the corner and Mexican Posadas is our favorite pre celebration!

9 days before Christmas, Mexican families and friends get together to remind the times of Joseph and Marie pilgrimage to receive Jesus into the world.

Started as a catholic tradition, nowadays, everyone with the Christmas spirit it's invited! no matter religion, color or age.

Usually streets and homes in charge of hosting the posada are decorated with beautiful lights, and Christmas feels. The people invited starts the journey around the homes asking as Marie and Joseph did lodging for Jesus to be born in.

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The last home of the visit is the one in charge of letting everyone in and where the celebration dinner begins! This as a enactment of the moment where Joseph and Marie were helped and Jesus was born. At this point everyone's ready to enjoy a warm and familiar environment and above all great drinks and food!

One of the most expected part of the night is breaking the piñata, specially for the little ones, the traditional piñata used to have 7 peaks as a representation of the 7 deadly sins and the breaking of them would be as if we are beating the evil forces within all of us. The most fun part is when somebody breaks it and candies and seasonal fruits fall from the piñata as the reward for winning the battle.

So, now that we know more about Posadas, what would be your favorite moment?

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